Capturing the mundane to create interesting stories


About [Gm]:

You may call me [Gm] or MartosC; whichever suits you better :-)

An Indonesian guy, a Mechanical Engineer, MBA Student, Casual blogger and Photo enthusiast, currently living in Kanagawa, Japan. Not a full-time pro or commercial photographer, but have strong passion for documentary and is available for assignment (click for portfolio). Leave a message in ‘contact me‘ to get in touch. Thanks.

Why anonymous?

I want to separate my online life with my personal life. I chose to be semi-anonymous because my name and background are not important. This photoblog isn’t about me — it’s about what I see, what I experience and what I want to share. Credibility is, of course, questionable. It is up to you to see it as facts, opinions, or even lies…

If name is really important for you, then drop me an e-mail (thru contact page), and I will certainly let you know.

About my photography:

My main interest is Documentary, Street Photography, Photojournalism, and sometimes Urban or Landscape Photography. Most (but not all) photos posted here will be documentary of mundane life.

As of now, I’m residing in Kanagawa, Japan. Thus, my photos are most likely taken from somewhere around here.

Hope you like your stay here and hope to see you here often. Thanks for stopping by…