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Mae Sot District — The Border

Here we are, at the supposedly Thailand – Myanmar border — where nations boundary is not clearly defined.




I took the photo over a meaningless fence on Thailand side. I can only guess that the gray wall on the other side is the meaningless fence of the Myanmar side.

The field in between is supposed to be Moei river.

Knowing that I normally go through immigration on Airports or Seaports, this is not how I imagined a border of two countries would look like.

But, it may be normal for land borders. Western Europe (in EU members, at least) may not have fence, let alone meaningless one. Of course, don’t expect the same with US-Mexico border :-).


Okay, let’s take a few steps back.

In end of April 2018, #Q and I visit a friend in Mae Sot District, Thailand. He has been doing humanitarian work in the area for the past four months. We spent one Saturday afternoon to see the border.

Thai-Burmese Friendship Bridge


Connecting the two nations is Thai-Burmese Friendship bridge. People, logistics and transportations are to cross through the immigrations at both ends of this bridge.

But, as you can see, nothing is really stopping people getting across from under the bridge; which many have done.


Thailand side, see what I mean by meaningless fence?


No guards. Just People.


Quite sure this is NOT a guard dog


This looks more like a guard dog. But, still, not.


As we head back to the main road, we can see a lot of people are queuing at the Thai immigration.

Can’t really see here, but people are queuing on foot at the other lane.


And, all of a sudden, people are starting to run… through the immigration post, and then making a U-turn back to the direction of border.

Run! Run! Run!


Where are these people going?


Quite sure they are not running for their life, or out of fear. They seem to be happy about it.


In the end, it’s probably normal — just another boring day at the border.



“We’re all here to survive”


Interesting experience.



@Mae Sot District, Thailand


Thougths, anyone?

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