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Year 2016 in Pictures

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Just like 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012 and 2011, I compile my favorite photos for year 2016 in a single post. Open the post to see them

Year 2016 is probably the worst year I have in terms of photography.

I stopped posting on this blog since April. I want to put more meaning to this blog, I want the blog to post photo-essay or project instead of snapshots… didn’t realize that it takes a lot more effort and commitment to do that… something that I cannot give at this point of time.

I’m happy to say that there are more happenings in my personal life: a promotion, moving to a new place, adopting a dog, etc.

Life is good, I love it.

Moving on, let me share selections of my archives — they are taken either with X100 or Nikon V1 with 10mm/2.8. Those are the cameras and lens I have left after the Ricoh GR succumb to death.

Here goes:


Sunday Errand (original post)


Secret Orchid Garden (original post)


Street of Melaka – Poetry (original post)


Commercialism (original post)


Layers of Exhibition (original post)


Not to Scale (instagram post)


Lucky (instagram post)


Notices (instagram post)

There you have it.

To summarize, year 2016 may not be that great, but I’m still grateful. I’m looking forward to 2017 — with more commitment and inspiration, I hope.

On top of that, the prayer is always the same: I hope I can travel to more new places, see more things, capture them in camera, and share them with you here.

Thank you for your visits, likes and comments in 2016. I hope you enjoyed the year. I am looking forward to see you here again next year.

We wish you a happy New Year 2017.


@Many places on Earth, 2016


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