Capturing the mundane to create interesting stories



Light to dark…

In March 2016, I was lucky enough to attend a street photography workshop for free. The workshop itself was rather basic — something you may read on the net. However, the interaction with mentor and other participants was a revelation. I realized that most of my photos are cliché — technically correct, but not much excitement.

Nothing is wrong about taking cliché, but is that what I want?

No. I want more.

I want to move on. I want bigger pictures and projects. I want to make photo-essays. I want to capture stories. I want to learn photo-journalism.

It’s time to take a step back, to make two steps forward.

It’s time to learn.

Side note: to force me to focus on bigger pictures, I need to stop thinking about or making snapshots. Hence, posting frequency in this photo-blog may be affected. I suppose it won’t be a problem… not that I have avid followers anyway :-).

Thanks for your continuing support anyway…

@Rochor Centre, Singapore


Thougths, anyone?

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