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Shanghai Street: Neighborhood


Neighborhood at Huangpu District, Shanghai. Can you imagine how beautiful it is during Autumn?

I went to Shanghai with low expectation, mainly because several colleagues in Singapore office give it such a bad review. Most Singaporeans don’t think highly of China in general, or Shanghai in particular. 

What I saw with my eyes are a welcomed surprise.


Sure, Shanghai is not as clean as Singapore.

Sure, the people are not as nice as people in Bangkok.

Sure, the cars are on the wrong side of the road (wait, what?)…

I still think it’s a nice place to visit.


Bottom line, Shanghai is better than how my colleagues picture it to me.

I enjoy my visit there (except the difficulties in finding the right food). 


I don’t mind going back there again.


Also, I love the waterfront area…


It reminds me a lot of Minato-mirai in Yokohama, Japan.


I wish to come back here again with #Q.

@Shanghai, China


Thougths, anyone?

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