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Vienna: Red Ponder


What’s on your mind, oh lady in red?

Side story:

If you follow this blog, you surely know that I’m not residing in Europe — despite recent photos are from there.

I am back in Singapore for a month now, and I’m still editing/selecting and post-processing the photos. As mentioned before, I think I have supplies for months now.

Does this mean I’ll stop taking photo for awhile? No, definitely not. I will keep doing what I always do… taking photos on weekend or when I’m travelling.

This is actually good. Now that I have plenty of stockpile, I can take time in choosing the photo to upload. I can put the photos I’m taking now into the pile, and wait several weeks (perhaps even months) before processing it. By doing it, I hope I can be more selective — I will only process the photos that still speaks to me after a considerable time.

Sounds like a good plan. Don’t you think?

@Vienna, Austria



Thougths, anyone?

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