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Zurich: Red Station




Unlike other places I’ve been to, stations in Europe are mainly “open”.

In Indonesia, Singapore and Japan, you have to purchase a ticket in order to get in the station… then board the train.

In places I visited in Europe, anyone can step in the station and train without tickets — of course you need a ticket for the trip.

Unless if you are daring. No, just kidding. Don’t do it. It’s illegal.

By the way, when I say station, that includes bus, trolley bus, tram and inter-city train. The photo above was taken at the tram station nearest to my sister’s place.

Anyway, I like this “open” concept. If I reside there, I can imagine roaming the stations from time to time… just watching people and taking photos.

Hmm…I wonder if I ever will? …

@Zurich, Switzerland


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