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Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK): Boarding


Time to go…


Side story:

As mentioned, I had a business trip to Bangkok. I went there with Thai Airways. And, I am loving it for the simplest reasons.

I love how they have vast collections of movies to choose from. The flight is taking approximately 2 hours (just nice for one movie), and the entertainment starts from the moment we went on board until the moment they kicked us out of the plane.

The second reason is even simpler reason: the mineral water cup.

Don’t you encounter problem opening the mineral cup on a flight, where you cannot apply too much force because you afraid to ripped the cover open and splashed the water all over the place? What’s a possible solution? A small-frickin-plastic straw!! Haha… And, surprisingly, Thai Airways is only one of the few airlines that provide this.


Thai Airways is not perfect though. I am not sure why, but the check-in counter in Bangkok Airport is always super-crowded — and I mean SUPER CROWDED. It’s by luck that I have checked-in online and was without checked-in baggage, so I can go through the special counter without queuing.


To tell you the truth, I am not sure it’s Thai Airways problem — it may have been the norm in Bangkok airport. I also notice that there is always a long line on the Immigration. I would blame the system where they do centralized security check before immigration rather than distribute it at the gates.

Anyway, always sign-off with a good note: I like flying with Thai Airways. Looking forward to go to Bangkok again and to fly with Thai Airways.


@Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok, Thailand



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