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Public Transport #05: SMRT




Side story:

It has been more than a year from my last photography-related acquisition. There is a good chance that I have suppressed my desire-to-acquire. I’m happy with my Ricoh GR — if I need anything else, that would only be a small hand-held light meter. But, I’m too stingy to buy it new, so I’m opening my eyes for an affordable second-hand unit.

On the other passion/interest end, I purchased a second-hand Surface 2 (the Windows RT tablet, not the full-windows Surface Pro). I’ve been using it for awhile now, and extremely happy. Seems like I will only need my almost 5y.o. Thinkpad X200 to process my photos — the rest, I can do with the tablet.

Any of you use Surface RT or Surface 2? Can you do me a favor and opens Kompas is one of the biggest Indonesian news portal. Not sure why, whenever I open the site with Surface RT (my wife’s) or Surface 2 (mine), the homepage is showing articles from 9 July 2014 — the Indonesian presidential election day. What kind of conspiracy is that? :D

Anyone can double check with your unit? Thanks!

@Orchard Road, Singapore



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