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Dogs of Kathmandu

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Plenty of stray dogs in Kathmandu…



I have mixed feeling with the view. I love dogs, and it’s great to see many of them on the street. But it’s also sad to see their condition.




It’s not like I prefer them to be pampered and all. I don’t really agree with people pampering their dogs… but I think it’s still better than hungry, cold lives of lonely stray dogs.

Seeing their hopeless face, not the natural cheerful and playful gesture, is just sad.







I do see happy dogs around. Not many, but there is. I saw dog packs, lazing around, laid on their back in the middle of the street.

I should have take their photos :-)…



I also get the chance to meet these cheerful and playful family of three. Naturally, the puppies got interested and curious about the new guy in the neighborhood…




This was taken in the Dhulikhel though, not Kathmandu.



Anyway, I wish them a happy and joyful life.

PS: I can’t remember seeing a stray cat there… let alone domestic cat. I wonder why. There’s a lot of monkeys though… even at the airport :D.



@Kathmandu, Nepal



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