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Traffic in Kathmandu

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Chaos, but with common understanding…



I think the caption above sum everything I feel regarding traffic in Kathmandu.

Coming from Indonesia, where the traffic is not top notch, I found traffic in Kathmandu not worse than what I expect.

It’s dusty… with heavy pollution — people wears masks…




Filled with busses and other public transports…





And, if you look carefully in the background, a cow…



What I find as a pleasant surprise is how most pedestrian still cross the road on crossings or bridge; not jaywalking like they owned the streets…


I said most… not all…



There is no traffic lights here.

Why? Because rolling blackout occurred every day in Kathmandu (6-8 hours per day); which renders the traffic light unreliable.

Solution? Manual control from the traffic police during heavy traffic hours…


They also help students cross the road…


Summary: it is chaos, with common understanding…



@Pashupati, Kathmandu, Nepal



Thougths, anyone?

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