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Playing with Shadow


When I was a kid, I play with other kids… not with shadow (alone)



… not with gadgets…

Just friends.



Although occasional visit to a friend who had a SEGA 16-bit console was also welcomed :-).



Side Story:

When I was a kid, not like today, game console was very rare. I can only remember one neighbor who had it… and he probably was one of the most popular boys in the neighborhood because of that. Lots of children came to his house to get in line and take turns to play.

The games were in English, something we haven’t learn in school yet at that time; some are even in Japanese. But, somehow, we manage to go around the menu just fine.

Thing that still dazzle me, though… is how the cheat code can spread around the globe. I mean, in those days, we don’t have Google. We don’t even have internet!

How does a 10 year old boy, in relatively small town in Indonesia, got the cheat code of up-up, down-down, left-right, left-right, B-A to get 30 lives (click for music)?



@Bukit Panjang, Singapore


Thougths, anyone?

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