Capturing the mundane to create interesting stories



Going up?



Side story:

There’s something funny about this photo.

When I walking around, often I found a potential background or foreground, but feels like something is missing. I need that extra thing — a person, a car, a dog — to give scale, or just spice up the scene.

That’s what happened in the scene.



I found this interesting scene. I prepared camera settings, took several test shots from different angle, then stop.

With camera still on my face, I wait for something; perhaps a right person to walk in the scene.


Nothing happened for a minute or two, until I realized that there were two people standing behind me; waiting patiently.

They didn’t want to disturb me or ruin my shot. They were waiting for me to finish taking photos before stepping in the scene.




I immediately apologize to them and ask them to go ahead.

Naturally, I took a couple of shots when they walked in.



Thank you, good people :-). It was very considerate of you — although I was actually expecting for the exact opposite :D…



@Bugis, Singapore



Thougths, anyone?

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