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Buying 4D


“Hope I win this time. I need the money for the next bet”

The photo above shows an uncle who just bought his 4D ticket, while you see people queuing for theirs at the back.

Gambling is part of the culture here. It comes in many form — betting sport, buying 4D, Toto, Mahjong… you name it. Get a group of people, throw a bet, there you have it :-).

Growing up in a non-gambling community, I think gambling is a waste of money. But, to a lot of people, it’s all fun and game. I have a friend who regularly buy 4D tickets. He has a disposable income specifically for this, and bought the ticket without really hoping to win. It’s just the thrill to wait for the results, follow with a celebration when the number hits the hundreth prize. Of course, even the later comes only once every blue moon. Remember, gambling rule #1: the house always win.

Gambling may and can destroy lives too. Observing the public campaign about gambling on national TV, seems like it has consume a lot of people.

Be smart, folks!

@Jalan Besar, Singapore


Thougths, anyone?

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