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Red #012: Penang’s Taxi


Sticker on the taxi’s door: This is metered Taxi. Haggling is prohibited. Well, is it?



I can’t offer first hand finding. Throughout our 4 days stay in Penang, we always take the bus. Having said that, according to this article (and others similar), you still need to haggle the fare.


In our experience, I think it makes much more sense to use Rapid Penang buses. They have buses heading everywhere you want to go in the island — they even have free shuttle service for the central area .

The only downside I can think of is the waiting time; which varies from 15′ to 45′.

But, hey, what’s the rush? Remember, we were traveling… not running here and there for business. Enjoy the surrounding while waiting for your bus, eavesdropping the people chatting next to you.

Enjoy! :-).



@Jetty, George Town, Penang, Malaysia


Thougths, anyone?

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