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Red #011: Morning News


Good morning! What’s on the news?



Side story:

One of the good things I observe when visiting Penang is how friendly most people are.

They often stare at us, probably wondering where I and #Q came from, but it almost always ended with a smile — the lady above included, although I missed the smile because I clicked the camera a fraction of second too soon.



In some ways, it reminds me of Indonesians. We are known as friendly people.

As I lived the past 5 years abroad, I can proudly concur to that — the fact that foreigners think us (Indonesian) as friendly people, and the fact that Indonesian people are generally friendlier than most people I’ve met :D…

Spread the love and friendship, mate… smile! :-)



@George Town, Penang, Malaysia



Thougths, anyone?

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