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Penang, Malaysia


PIA – Penang International Airport

Last weekend, I and #Q went to George Town (Penang), Malaysia for a deserved short break.

Although the photo above shows Penang’s Airport, we actually went there by night bus. We reserved the flight for going back to Singapore.

Why choose 10-hours bus ride over flight, you may ask. The first reason is because we are stingy-cheapskate… :D… no, just kidding. We took the “Snoozer” type bus. Cost-wise, it’s not extremely cheaper than the budget airline. The cost difference may not justified the “comfort”.

The first reason has to be experience. We want to try the overnight Snoozer bus. Apart from the stomach ache I had (not bus’ fault), it was a smooth and fun ride. And, when the sun rises, we get to enjoy the view of Malaysian countryside.

Often, I heard this phrase…

Experiencing life is about enjoying the journey, not just reaching the destination.

Joy is found in doing things, not finishing it.

And I hold them to be true.

Actually, we planned to go back to Singapore by train, but the tickets were sold out. We love trains, and I think it would be a great experience. Oh well, perhaps another time from another destination.

Another reason to take overnight bus is to maximize our time in Penang. We reach there early in the morning, giving us more time to explore the city afterwards. This is not entirely true, though… as we feel a bit tired and needed to take a nap at the hotel before heading out.

Last but not the least reason to choose bus is because of the failed attempt of crossing the border by bus, we felt it’s only right if we try it again. This time, there was no issue — not even a single queue, haha!

Anyhow, more photos of Penang this weekend…

But, before I end this post… here’s somewhat ironic photo for you… :-)


@Penang International Airport, Penang, Malaysia

Thougths, anyone?

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