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A Day at the Beach


“Hello, Mom? Come hurry, our house is almost ready!”

Want a better view of sand castle?


This place is called East Coast Park. It’s a nice place to chill, sit around doing nothing. I can see myself come here, sit in one of the benchs and just watch the scenery and people passing by.

Not much wave, but you can still swim if you want. And look at the ships…


The sun is hot enough to dry up your wet and sandy shoes…


You can also play cricket… if you have friends


What missing is dogs… didn’t see a lot of dogs.

I wish to see more of them… running around, playing frisbie or some sort.

Definitely not a bad place to hang around doing nothing.

Thinking of going back there sometime :-)…

@East Coast Park, Singapore


Thougths, anyone?

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