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Yellow #11: Braille Walkways


With a touch of brown and orange…



Side Story:

I bought my Ricoh GR about 4 months ago, but it’s not until recently that I play around with Silkypix — the software Ricoh provided for their users.

Coming from Ricoh GRD III, I use Rawtherapee to process the RAW files. It’s good, but I often think it can be better.

Now that I finally install and play with Silkypix for a couple of days… I think it gives better results in RAW processing of Ricoh’s DNG files.



I still need GIMP for crop, resize, or burn/dodge, but I think I won’t need DxO Film Pack 3 any longer — the tone of Silkypix RAW conversion is pretty close to what I want.



@Jurong East Interchange, Singapore



Thougths, anyone?

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