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Yellow #10: Cross-border Bus


With a welcomed touch of reds…



Side story :

So, last week was a long weekend for us in Singapore.

#Q and I decided to make a short gateaway weekend to Malaysia. Or, to be exact, we tried to.

We stuck for 2 hours inside the hot bus, between Singapore and Malaysia Check Point — which is a stretch of approximately 2km Second Link.

People are getting impatient, they decided to exit the bus and walk towards the Check Point. It’s not long until we decided to join the march.

We saw hundreds of people queuing at the gate. We wait for an hour but observe no significant movement on the queue.


“Dude, what should we do?”


In the end, we decided to head back to Singapore, and call it a day.

I think it was a good decision. I assume it’s not a normal situation, and I don’t think they can resolve it in short time.

Home we went…


PS: Main photo of this post was taken on the return bus to Singapore. Obviously, we were not the only ones who decided to go back.


@Malaysia – Singapore Second Link, Malaysia Check Point


Thougths, anyone?

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