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Pemilu 2014

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Indonesian Election, 2014 – Chapter Singapore



Pemilihan Umum (Pemilu) means election. It’s time for Indonesian to vote for our Legislative councilperson. This would be my first time in Singapore.

The election was held last Sunday (6 April 2014) in Singapore (and some other parts of the world), earlier than the election in Indonesia (Wednesday, 9 April 2014).

I have the option to vote through post, but I decided to go to the embassy. I thought it would be more interesting.

I thought most people will vote through post — it is more convenient. I wasn’t expecting that many people will come, at least not that early… but there were plenty of people there.




It is great to see my fellow countrymen/countrywomen happily participating in this national event; despite being away from our respective hometown.


Showing inked pinky as prove of voting




Indonesian Police in Singapore, assisting to control the crowd




Terima kasih — Thank you



Here’s hoping for a (much) better Indonesia.



@Indonesian Embassy, Singapore



Thougths, anyone?

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