Capturing the mundane to create interesting stories

Public Transport #01: SBS Transit


Product placement… well, sort of. Public Transport FTW!



Side story :

Have I told you that I’m fan of public transport?… It started off with Tokyo Metro train system, Singapore’s Public Transport included, but I still cannot truly love public transport in Indonesia… yet.

Hope it’ll get better in the future.



Why I love public transport, you might ask.

I think one of the reasons is the scene. I like to observe people. It fascinates me to see people with different faces, clothes and stories.

I can spend the whole trip trying to make up story of what this person do as a living, where he might come from, where she is headed, how their day is, etc.

Mind you, I’m not judging.. I’m using them as inspiration; making up stories in my head. I hope you can see the difference.



Any outcome I can make out of this?

None — nothing tangible.

I just like to live life, absorb the scent and stories from all around — making up stories on my head.



@Chinatown, Singapore



Thougths, anyone?

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