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Year 2013 in Pictures

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Just like 2012 and 2011, I compile my favorite photos (from each month) for Year 2013 in a single post. Open the post to see them!



Photography-wise, the year seems to get worse. I definitely failed to shoot and post as much as the years before, due to my work and other personal commitments.

I started this blog with one post per day. End of last year, it went down to only weekdays. Now, I can only publish about two posts per week.

Can’t complain; it’s a choice.



Having said that, I’m quite happy with the showcase. Although it is lower in quantity, but I still can find interesting photos that I’m happy with, or may even proud of.

Gear-wise, I have mixed feeling when I say that all photos below are taken with the Ricoh GRD III. It’s great that I can do a lot of things with this small camera. But, at the same time, I often think that I may be able to produce better shots if I have my D90 with me at that time.

Anyway, my favorites for 2013:




January — No title #024 (Original post)




February — One foot down (Original post)




March — Light Alley (Original post)




April — Maze (Original post)




May — Up the Stairs (Original post)




June — Flight (Original post)




July — Hard at Work (Original post)




August — Satay Stall (Original post)




September — Balloons #04 (Original post)




October — Circle of Love (Original post)



S-11Nov-The Eye-R0017578-martosc

November — Mirror-like Floor (Original post)




December — Window to Reflection (Original post)



I’m happy that the little camera can fulfill my needs all year long. It goes with me everywhere, when I’m traveling for business or leisure. I almost never leave home without it.

The trusted D90 has been neglected for very, very long time. I even seriously think of selling them, the camera and lenses, if I can get a good/reasonable price. Otherwise, it makes more sense to just keep them.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying GRD III is hands down better than D90. I miss D90 image quality, controls and information in viewfinder. But I also want GRD3 size and simplicity. They both are two different cameras with different cutting edges.

So, how can I get D90 quality on GRD3 size? Should I buy a new camera? Perhaps Ricoh GR? I’ve been toying with this idea even before the official launch, but I’m a bit hesitant to make the jump when I still have my D90 and the lenses. I’ve been good this year and didn’t buy new photography gear, though… *wink-wink… :-D

Anyhow, I already post an ad on local photography forum in Singapore. I believe the prices I put up are okay — but, so far, no sign of interest. *Sigh. I guess my DSLR gear are too old for Singapore used gear market.



Life-wise, we are settling down quite well here in Singapore. #Q got her dream job and doing well, so I can see us staying here for a long time (if the Singapore government, MOM and the company still want us :D).

I still have obligation to finish my study. It has been dragging on and on  — really hope I can finish it soon, so that I can look at 2014 in a more positive and productive way.

Other than that, the hope is always same: I hope I can travel to more places, see more things, capture them in my camera, and share them with you.



Thank you very much for your visits, likes and comments in 2013. I’m looking forward to see you again here next year.



From the comfort of our couch, we wish you Happy New Year 2014. See you next year! Cheers!




@Many places on Earth, 2013

PS: Oh, also thank you WordPress for the space. I’ve been blogging with WP since 2006 (another blog), and uploading photos here since 2011. From over 1,500 photos I uploaded in almost three years, I have only used 31% of the limit. I guess I can still stay here for free (with understandable ads) for many, many moons to come :-). Keep up the great work, WP. Cheers!


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