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Bangkok Skywalk

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An interesting concept. I love the spacious, and second level view of pedestrian area.



I think Jakarta can learn a thing or two from Bangkok. Traffic jam is pretty much the same (don’t think it’s worse), but the public transport feels better.

And, most importantly, they have a great pedestrian area… the Bangkok skywalk .













Side story :

Last week I went to Bangkok, Thailand. #Q had a business trip there for a week, and extend the stay so I can tag along for the weekend :-).

I used to live here in Bangkok, about 30 years ago (1983-1986). It feels good to be back even for just a couple of days. I was 3-6 years old, and have no memory of the place… except that some smells somehow triggers my memory.

I enjoyed my time there last week. I really do. Definitely would plan some more visits there.



@Bangkok, Thailand


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