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Leftover from Vung Tau

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Some leftover photos from Vung Tau. I wish to visit this city again in the future. Click post title or break below for bigger views.



I like the city. It’s clean and tidy, lots of public spaces, and it is great to see a lot of people actually use the space with family and friends.

You can use the public space to swim…




Or just doing personal workout…




Or meditating by the sea…




Or doing something random — like getting stuck in the fence :-)…




Clean, big pedestrian area… nothing to complain in this department…




Bikes and motorbikes are the majority on the streets (not on pedestrian area!)…




Scenic views to spend the afternoon. It would be perfect to spend an afternoon here with someone special.






It was a lovely afternoon.

I wish to come here again with #Q someday.

Until then, Vung Tau. Please take a good care of yourself.



@Vung Tau, Vietnam



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