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The Arc


Vung Tau: it’s lovely to see how clean and tidy the city is…

Side Story:

I think Vietnam traffic is too dangerous for Indonesian like me.

You see, Indonesian is using left-hand traffic. My survival instinct is developed based on that. Whenever I cross a street, my habit is to look right, then left, then right again — not the other way around.

Vietnam, on the other side, is right-hand traffic. So, imagine a traffic as random/chaos/dangerous as Indonesia (e.g. Bandung, Jakarta), but your instinct was not calibrated to the right condition.

I can’t count how many times I almost got ran over because I didn’t see the car or bike coming. I casually cross the street thinking it was empty just because I was looking at the wrong direction. My senses was pointed on the other way!

Might as well if you have no instinct at all. That way you’ll always be careful and on alert.

By the way, this is how they teach children how to ride a bicycle.


Teach them hard. Teach them young.

@Vung Tau, Vietnam


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