Capturing the mundane to create interesting stories



Greetings from behind bars



Side story:

Honestly, this isn’t really a candid shot. It’s a photo of a stranger I met several minutes earlier.

I was making a test shot below when the guy approached me and ask what I was doing.


I think it’s an interesting background, but still trying to find the right angle.



“Hey, is that a new camera?” he asked. I answered that it wasn’t; Ricoh GRD 3 is old.

Then we chat a bit. He said that he works for MediaCorp and he knows this stuff (photography). Along the way, he suggested me to get the Canon EOS 320D, boasting how good it is. Unfamiliar with Canon system, I nod along without making any comments.

Later, I checked and found that it’s a 7 year old camera :D… Not sure if he was trolling me or actually thinks that Canon EOS 320D is still great compared to today’s camera.

Regardless, I doubt it’s better than my trusty (5 years old technology) D90 :-).



*Tiong Bahru Market, Singapore



Thougths, anyone?

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