Capturing the mundane to create interesting stories

The Gate


Walking through it…



Side Story :

Sometime I took several shots of the same location, scene or object. I think it is a good practice to explore the possibilities. That’s one of the benefits of shooting digital. So, that’s what I did — taking many pictures, and review them after I go back home, before deciding which one I am going to use.

The other shots are shown here for my learning purposes (contact sheet, click for larger view).



Interestingly, when I was busy taking the photos, someone was sneaking behind me and take my photo.


So, I snap her, too :-)…



I bump into her again later that day, when she was trying to capture photos of the pigeons.




We chat for awhile. At first I thought she was a tourist. Turns out she is a Singaporean, and was taking a photography class.

They are taking the class on the field, and I’m quite impress with her enthusiasm.



May the force be with you, ma’am.



*Kampong Glam, Singapore.



2 responses

  1. anshu18

    amazing shots, if you use 24mm for your shots, I am really impressed, since I feel i have not made full use of it since it bought it. I so much do the same thing, visiting the same place again, I feel each time i re-click same spot it gives me a different perspective. thank you for dropping by.

    March 16, 2013 at 21:57

    • Thanks, Anshu18. I don’t know why, but WP seems to strip the EXIF. You can still see the post tag to see what I use to take the photo.
      This one I took with Ricoh GRD3. The lens is 6mm focal length, equivalent to 28mm. It’s been awhile since I shoot with D90 (with 24mm). I think the last time was December 2012 :D…

      Thanks for dropping by :-)

      March 16, 2013 at 22:36

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