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Kampong Glam: Masjid Sultan

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Various angles of the Sultan Mosque — biggest mosque in Singapore.







To be honest, when I first visit this place, I was expecting to see a religious and rather isolated neighborhood.

I also expecting it to looks/feels like a Malay community; like Little India to Indian community, or Chinatown to Chinese community. I thought this place would be like Little Malaytown :-).









I was wrong.

That was not the case, as you can see from the next photos…

There are plenty of small shops in the main lane, selling various things from books to food; most of them are Turkish cuisine.




And there are various kind of people visiting…







More crowds are coming in towards the evening… filling up the lane with tables.




Truly a wonderful place. Not what I would have expected to find, but actually better :D…

Definitely will come here again sometime.



*Kampong Glam, Singapore



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