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Preparing for CNY #02

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Counting down, only one week away from Chinese New Years




It is work in progress, but they surely get there…










When everything is set, those ‘balls’ will be up in the air…




*Marina Bay, Singapore



4 responses

  1. Makes me think of the NY celebration in New York. I hope it won’t rain on the day, it looks kinda dreary in the picture.

    February 7, 2013 at 00:41

    • Actually, some said that rain on CNY means prosperity for the new year. So, it’s not a bad thing :-)

      February 7, 2013 at 05:44

      • Ah okay. Well, let’s hope for some rain then :).

        February 8, 2013 at 03:55

        • As you wish, yesterday post was about rain :-). And it has been raining cats and dogs for the past few days, and forecasted to have heavy rain in the following four days.

          To prosperity, and beyond!!!

          February 8, 2013 at 09:49

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