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Tiong Bahru, Singapore

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Tiong Bahru is one of the oldest housing area in Singapore. The buildings are mostly not very high — I assume they don’t have elevator.



Not sure why, the neighborhood feels a bit more homey for me. Too bad, I was enjoying the view and feeling too much that I forgot to take photos. Did took some of the surrounding though…


S-Tiong Bahru-R0014394-martosc


S-Tiong Bahru-R0014410-martosc

The old (but renewed) Tiong Bahru Market.



S-Tiong Bahru-R0014403-martosc

Now with escalators…



S-Tiong Bahru-R0014407-martosc



S-Tiong Bahru-R0014414-martosc

Clean back alleys…



S-Tiong Bahru-R0014416-martosc



S-Tiong Bahru-R0014418-martosc



S-Tiong Bahru-R0014419-martosc






And, if you are interested, a movie about the neighborhood: TIONG BAHRU (approx. 20 minutes, opens in new window)



*Tiong Bahru Estate, Singapore


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