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“Yes, my friend, we are a small proud Singaporean family…”



Side story :

Chatting with several Singaporean friends, some of them are (or going to be) married, but plan to not have children.

I couldn’t really understand why. When I ask, most of them answered “why should we have children?”

They proceed to ask me with the same question.

I want children. And when they ask me why, I don’t have a straight, universal answer. I just thought it’s natural, I love children. They bring happiness and maybe some fulfillment.  I said “maybe” because I don’t know for sure. We are still trying.

I think all of us want a happy life. A happy, fulfilling life. It just that people define happy and success differently.



There is no right or wrong.



*Bras Basah, Singapore



2 responses

  1. Rifqi

    I’ve never really liked kids, I find most of them to be rather loud an annoying. However, I love our little daughter to bits and couldn’t imagine ever being without her. She definitely completes our family and gives us all the more purpose in our lives. I’m ok with living my life for someone else, if that someone makes me this happy. Besides, she makes a good model too :p

    January 6, 2013 at 21:12

    • Hahaha… I guess the moral of your story here is that, despite you like kids or not, you can make a good use of your kid (what?!?)… just kidding :D…

      What I was going to say is that, everything has (at least) two sides.. You are lucky to have a good daughter. I’m sure she also lucky to have a father like you. Please send my regards to the family :-).

      January 6, 2013 at 21:20

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