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More Balloons…

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Hey, turns out adults also like balloons… not just children .




“More, I want more!”




Although obviously children are more excited…




Pure happiness over rather absurd concept




“Hmmm… Balloons… or a new phone?”



Side Story:

I just remember that I have a set of photos from Fuji X100 that I haven’t post. The JPG files were rather flat, and at that time, I don’t have a good raw converter for X100 files. But now that I use RawTherapee for my GRD files, I can also process X100 raws.

I should say, it looks great. Fuji X100 definitely produces photos with great IQ. Too bad I have bad experience with the camera operability.



And, here’s a bonus:


Breaking through…



*Orchard Road, Singapore



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