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Year 2012 in Pictures

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Just like last year, I compile my favorite photos (from each month) for Year 2012 in a single post. Open the post to see them!




To be honest, photography-wise, 2012 is not as good as 2011. I didn’t manage to shoot and post as much as last year, mostly because of my other commitment (work, study), and also several changes in my life. Not that I’m complaining; life goes on. Some adjustments need to be done. I no longer post every day; for now, let’s keep it at every weekdays with occasional weekend bonus.

Anyway, the following are my favorites for 2012 — along with short story of my photography journey for this year.



01-Many-Silhouette-002DSC 5355-martosc

January — This is the photo that made me realize how much I like gesture and silhouette. It was taken in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan… one of my favorite spots to wander around taking photos. (Original post).



02-Checkered-Floor-DSC 6262-martosc

February — Minato-Mirai, and Yokohama in general, are definitely my favorite area to shoot. It’s just beautiful. (Original post)



03-Kick-in-the-head-002DSC 8079-martosc

March — also taken in Yokohama. I like this photo because it was an accident :-). I remember this is the last time I went to Yokohama before relocating back to Indonesia. (Original Post)



04-Camera&Sakura-002DSC 9187-martosc

April — last spring and last hanami we did in Japan. I love this photo because I love spring.

End of this month, we relocate back to Indonesia (Original post).



05-Barombong-003DSC 0849-martosc

May — The first month back in Indonesia was traveling month. Bandung–Jakarta–Makassar–Bali–Bandung. Despite traveling and seeing new things/places, I can’t always make the time to take photos.

Photo above was taken in Makassar, when we were actually looking for a spot for my sister-in-law pre-wedding shoot.

Another good news, this month I received a job offer as an Engineer, again. (Original post).



06-walk-on-clouds-003dsc 1351-martosc

June — I and #Q went to Bali for a deserved vacation. This is where I extensively use Canon S95 because I’m starting to feel lazy to carry D90 around. This month I learned S95 limitation that I cannot cope — I don’t like to compose photo with an LCD screen.

The photo above was taken with D90, though. (Original post )



07-Watch-out-001IMG 3251

July — This was around Euro 2012 when people stay up late to watch the games. Seems like the old man was having a hard time to stay awake and watch out :D…

This month I learned that photo quality from a compact is often good enough for me. I still find S95 isn’t perfect in terms of operability… but hasn’t figure out what can be better yet.




August — this was a bitter-sweet month for me. This is the month where I and #Q happily and officially started a new life in Singapore; but was also a sad month; my father passed away on his birthday (which also my and Q’s wedding anniversary), on the 17 August.

The first half of the month, I was too busy with the relocation. I only upload 3 posts in the beginning, which actually were shot in July. The second half of the month, I lost the mood to shoot. I kind of loss my appetite for a lot of things. I guess the bad news hits me more than I would like to admit.

Hence, no favorite photo on this month.




September — My mood is back, growing. I rent a Fuji X100 for a day and walk around Little India. I have great expectation that it will be my perfect camera. It was quite fun to use… but I learned that the quirks are just too much.

In the end, I decided to cancel the idea of buying saving money to buy a Fuji X100. This photo was taken with X100, by the way. (Original post).



10-Lampions-003DSC 1825-martosc

October — I almost ‘gave up’ and accept the fact that D90 is the most ideal camera for me. What I need was not a new camera, but the mood to take D90 everywhere, and to exercise the muscle and strength to lift it anywhere I go.

… but suddenly, what’s that in the horizon? Another camera? See more in November (Original post)




November — I decided to buy a used Ricoh GRD III from Japan. It takes about two weeks for it to arrive, another two weeks for its accessories, but then we are never apart. I bring this little camera everywhere I go. I’m a bit sad to say that D90 (and the lenses) will not be used as much as it once was. I can’t even remember when was the last time I used it. This photo was taken on the first ‘outing’ with the camera. On another note, another reason I love this photo is because, FINALLY, I finished the 100 People with Phone project :-)… (Original post).




December — rainy season; more ‘obstacles’ to shoot the street. I’m still learning how to best use the Ricoh GRD3. One thing for sure, I really like the camera. I’m also happy with the fact that the camera has simplified the process. I have to admit that sometime I missed the IQ, the high ISO performance, fast manual controls, and metering in OVF that D90 offers. But, more often than not, I feel the GRD3 is more than enough.



There you have it, 11+1 pictures for 2012. If you want more, here’s a one minute video of the photos I took and post here throughout 2012.


I’m still in the process of settling down with the new life, but am looking forward to 2013. The hope is the same; I hope I can travel to more places, see more things, and be able to capture them on my camera… and share them with you.



Thank you very much for your visit, like and comments in 2012. I hope you enjoy the photos and stories, and I am looking forward to see you again here next year.



Happy New Year 2013, and see you next year.




*Many places, Earth, 2012.


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  1. I think that you had a very good year. All the best to you.

    December 31, 2012 at 21:14

    • Thanks, Victor. All the best to you and your family, Victor :-)

      December 31, 2012 at 21:53

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