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Shoe Sole Sale

S-Shoe-Sole-Sale-003DSC 1417-martosc

Good luck reading the title without twisted tongue… :D



Welcome to Jl. Terate (Malabar), Bandung, where you can find shoe-shops along the street.

S-Shoe-Sole-Sale-003DSC 1429-martosc





S-Shoe-Sole-Sale-003DSC 1375-martosc

“Stop taking pictures. Buy a pair or two!”



There’s a Javanese saying, “Ono rego, ono rupo “, which probably can be translated as “Looks (quality) comes with a price”. Those shoes are cheaper than the ones in the branded store, so you can safely assume that the warranted quality isn’t going to be that great.

Nevertheless, they are still a good bargain. A friend said, “It’s fairly cheap. If you broke a pair, which it will in a couple of months or so, you can always buy another pair. It makes the wheel of economy turns”. Great excuse for consumerism, no?

“You know, if you are lucky, the shoes can last for years”, he added.

Well, good luck finding the right shoes, mate…

S-Shoe-Sole-Sale-003DSC 1376-martosc

“Shoe. Shoe everywhere… but I chose to bring my own.”



Other than ready-to-use shoes or boots, this place also have various other ‘related’ services

S-Shoe-Sole-Sale-003DSC 1431-martosc

Sole repair shop



S-Shoe-Sole-Sale-003DSC 1432-martosc

Leather jacket ‘paint’ shop



The only thing I don’t like about this place is that you have to haggle to agree on a price.

I don’t like to haggle.



*Jl. Terate, Bandung, Indonesia



2 responses

  1. Oh! I love this set of photos! The way they hang those shoes is amazing! Oh.And I’m really bad in haggling :o

    July 23, 2012 at 20:13

    • I’m glad that you like it :-)… Haha, yes, I guess haggling is not for everyone. My mother loves to haggle though… she even haggles in a supermarket :D…

      July 23, 2012 at 20:43

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