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Traffic Jam

S-Traffic-Jam-003DSC 0052-martosc

…So, what would you do when you stuck in a (complete stop) traffic jam for 1.5 hours?

You can walk around outside the car…

S-Traffic-Jam-003DSC 0053-martosc

You can crouch and lit a stick of cigarette

S-Traffic-Jam-003DSC 0059-martosc

Smoke away while leaning on side of the car

S-Traffic-Jam-003DSC 0061-martosc

You basically can do anything you want :D…

And, as bonus, if you wonder what caused the 1.5 hours jam… the good news is that no one was fatally wounded by the incident.

S-Traffic-Jam-003DSC 0065-martosc

Burned down!… *Photo by Q — I was driving.

*Cipularang Tollroad, West Java, Indonesia


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