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Yellow Cab

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Interesting facts about Taxi in Japan:

  • I think Taxi fare in Japan is super expensive. It’s about JPY 700 (about USD 8.50) for the first two kilometers, with about JPY 100 (about USD 1.25) increment for every additional 500 meters
  • Taxis are  for maximum of four passengers, not including the driver.
  • Do not touch the doors. Taxis have a special mechanical system (remotely operated by the driver) to open and close the door for you.
  • Do not tip the driver. If you pay extra for tip, the driver WILL INSIST that you take it back. Actually, tip is not a common thing in Japan, in any “service industry”.
  • Unlike the norm that I know, Taxi drivers in Japan are not paid based on commission — they got salary, regardless the number of passengers that they served.
  • Taxi companies in Japan are working in regions, which also means that the purposes of taxi is for short distance travel. For longer distance, there are buses and trains.

*Osambashi, Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan


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