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Arrow at Your Feet

S-Arrow-at-your-feet-002DSC 5582-martosc

Not another arrow-to-the-knee joke… :D

I was suppose to meet #Q at the station the other day. I was a little early and she was a little late, so I have some free time.

I can get bored very easily. Played a bit with my phone, but then I lost the interest after awhile.

It is a good thing that I (almost) always bring my camera. Now is a good time to play with slow shutter speed again.

First thing I did was to find an ‘anchor’, static object or people, that is surrounded by movement.

S-Arrow-at-your-feet-002DSC 5584-martosc

This arrow seems okay

Second, read/meter the scene, and input the settings to your liking. For my personal taste, 1/20″ is quite nice. Reasons I don’t like it slower are: 1) it’s hard for me to avoid camera shake, 2) the motion is going to be too ‘blurry’.

To avoid camera shake, there are a couple of things that can be done: 1) you might want to sit or rest yourself onto something, 2) Use your left eye to compose. Why? Read Joe McNally’s “Da Grip” … :D

S-Arrow-at-your-feet-002DSC 5577-martosc

Third and last… shoot away… don’t forget to try different settings.

S-Arrow-at-your-feet-002DSC 5579-martosc

These shots are probably not that interesting, but I hope you’ll get the idea.

Care to try?

Ah, #Q is here. Okay, see you guys tomorrow :-)…

*Nagatsuta Station, Kanagawa, Japan

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  1. it

    February 6, 2012 at 02:23

    • Glad that you like it. Cheers! :-)

      February 6, 2012 at 08:08

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