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S-Bouquet-head-DSC 8660-martosc

“This is for daddy…”

Side Story :

Other than post-processing issue that I mention yesterday, my friend also told me that I was just lucky to get good photo.

My response?

I said,

“Of course! It’s always about luck. I cannot control the street, so I have to be lucky to get something interesting out of it. Sure, I have to prepare the camera and all, but I have to be lucky to be at the right place at the right time.

Actually, that’s the fun of Street Photography — to get lucky”

Again, he was surprised that I didn’t feel offended and then try to defend myself.

Well, again, because I think it is true.

You know what? Photo in this post is the ultimate example of luck (and how post-processing helps).

This was accidental shot — I unintentionally hit the shutter button when I was adjusting my camera setting while holding it in front of my belly (I was looking at the small control panel/screen on top of my camera).

Later on, in post-processing, I then adjust the horizon, crop and some other stuffs to get this result — which I find quite interesting… Lucky, eh? ;-)

How about you? Will you feel offended if someone told you that your photos are good because you are lucky?

*Futako-Tamagawa, Tokyo, Japan


7 responses

  1. Cool picture! :) I can’t see the EXIF here but I guess you were using an high aperture. The image has a sharp depth of field. :)

    Now, for your question: I stand-by what I said yesterday. A good photo is made by the opportunity (luck), skill, vision and post-editing. :P

    July 6, 2011 at 21:48

    • If you are using Firefox, you can use add-on to see the EXIF by simply right clicking it. Or, you can also copy the URL and use this:

      Anyway, according to the EXIF, it’s ISO 800, f/2.8, 1/100″

      So, it’s opportunity, skill, vision and post-editing. What are the proportions? 25:25:25:25?

      July 6, 2011 at 22:27

      • I use Chrome but thanks for the link. :) I usually use a Perl package at work when I needed to grab the EXIF or Lightroom ;-)

        The proportions.. tough question because I think it depends on the kind of result you want, or the media you are going to use or your profession/art.

        *Opportunity* -> you can make it or wait for it. I guess the percentage should be based on your “laziness”. :)

        *Skill* -> if you are totally based on luck then you almost don’t need it (just the basics). But if you don’t want to rely on luck and want to do complex shots, then you need it. So goes from 10% to 100%. :P

        *Vision* -> more than 50% of a photo. If you don’t have vision and don’t convey a message on your photo.. then I don’t think you get a good photo.

        *Post-Editing* -> if you are a digital designer that wants to produce a certain collection of images with certain effects then probably the % of post-edit will be larger than if you’re an amateur photographer that just wants a nice portfolio or a book of summer vacations ;-)

        opportunity = function(laziness);
        skill = function(laziness,experience);
        vision = function(skill, experience, creativity);
        post editing = function(profession, media, experience);

        good photo = function(subjectivity, technique) AND good photo = opportunity + skill + vision + post editing


        function(subjectivity, technique) = opportunity + skill + vision + post editing

        function(subjectivity, technique) = function(laziness) + function(laziness,experience) + function(skill, experience, creativity) + function(profession, media, experience)

        Who can puts values here? :) I think it’s impossible since you have so much different scenarios.

        Besides, who can really tell what a good picture is? :P

        How many “human” factors you see on the above formula? ;-)

        It’s photography, it’s subjective, it’s human… ;-)

        July 6, 2011 at 23:22

        • Wow, you really are a geek… (in a very good way hahaha)…

          Agree, there is too many “human” factors in photography. And I really like this: “It’s photography, it’s subjective, it’s human”. That’s why, we should never get offended if people say anything bad about our photos, right? Because it’s subjective :-)…

          Thank for the very thoughtful comment(s), Helder. It’s always nice to have discussion with you :D… Cheers!

          July 7, 2011 at 07:39

  2. Luck is just another way of saying ‘well prepared’ ;-)

    July 6, 2011 at 21:51

    • ‘Well prepared to seize the opportunity’, I believe? :-)…

      July 6, 2011 at 22:28

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